Object Journeys is a three year Heritage Lottery funded programme at The British Museum where community partners will be supported to research and explore museum collections and to work collaboratively with museum staff to produce displays, events and web content in response to this investigation.

Object Journeys is an exciting opportunity for communities to intimately work with collections at The British Museum and three of its partner museums and respond to them, and for the museums to draw on the experiences and knowledge of individuals within different communities. It’s about learning and exploring together and designed to facilitate a genuine sharing and exchanging of knowledge. Object Journeys is also about trialling new and evolving engagement methodologies and embedding more collaborative community-led display development approaches across the British Museum.

There will be three projects run at The British Museum and three in smaller museums across the UK.

Object Journeys is also a research project investigating the impact of this collaborative approach to collections inquiry and display development in museums. This impact assessment will focus on the museum itself, the partners worked with and the visitors who experience the outputs of each project. Through conferences, blogs and publications the findings of these projects will be shared with the sector.