The volunteer curators who worked on Leicester Museums Object Journeys project, Global Artists, decided that a series of videos would be used for the interpretation of the display. The display ‘Global Artists – The Whole World Paints’, is in the World Arts Gallery of New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester and is open until 31 March 2019.

These interviews show the project group discussing the main themes of the display.

The first film with Pamela Clarkson, a painter and printmaker, explains how paintings are for everyone

The second film with John Picton, Emeritus Professor John Picton of the School of Oriental and African Studies explores the contexts in which paintings are made.

In this third film Sandra Dudley, Head of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester explores what ‘good art’ is.

       In this fourth film artist Atta Kwami discusses the content and context of his painting that forms part of the Global Artists – The Whole World Paints display.